Musical Scale Program

This program displays the notes of a musical scale based on the starting note and selected scale mode.This will give you the notes needed to play any scale and is an useful practice tool.

Here is the link to the program file.

Update - 26-SEP-2006 - Version 1.11 released!

Musical Scales is now a Universal Binary. Also an issue with chord playback has been addressed.

Please use this temporary link for the latest version. At this time source isn't included but will be once I have time to package everything up.

Update - 24-OCT-2005 - Version 1.1 released! I've eliminated some memory leaks

and added a tempo slider so you can adjust playback length to your liking.

Here's a program screenshot:


Update - 29-APR-2005 - Version 1.0 released! Hurray! I've added some great new

features, which are detailed below.

- This version has been tested on OS X 10.3.9 and Tiger 10.4.0. Musical Scales should still

run on OS X 10.2.8 but I have no way to test. If someone could run this in 10.2.8 and let me

know I'd greatly appreciate the help.

Now onto the new features:

- Added Scale types. Now modes for Major, Melodic minor and Harmonic minor scales can

be generated. Chords for these scales are generated too.

- Added scale playback. Now the scales can be played as a series of notes.

- Multithreaded sound playback. The GUI is functional while music is played. No

more waiting for the music to stop before you can select different scale types, chords, etc.

- Added ability to select playback instrument. Thanks to Pete Yandell

and his SimpleSynth program I was able to figure out how to do this. Please visit Pete's site. He

has some excellent MIDI software there and he provides all the source code if you want to

understand how to work with MIDI in OS X.


Here's a screenshot showing the instrument selection drawer:


Another new feature I've added is the ability to generate scales based on chord type

and starting note. These scales can also be played back using the selected instrument.

Here's a screenshot showing the selectable chord types:


All in all I feel great about this update! This program has matured enough that I'm

comfortable calling this version 1.0.

Update - 25-FEB-2005 - Version 0.7 released! Changes include

- Updated GUI so program takes less screen space. Scale tab shows scale related information and

chords tab shows chord related information. This gets rid of the drawers that used to pop out of

the side and bottom of the main window.

- There are other updates coming, I just had to get used to being a dad and the schedule adjustments

that brings!


Update - 31-OCT-2004 - Version 0.6 released! Changes include

- Solidified enharmonic note display. All notes, from double flat (bb) to double sharp (+) are now

correctly displayed.

- Source code for this program is now included! Want to know how this program works? The

complete XCode project is now included as part of the Musical Scales disk image.

There are no usage restrictions except that if you want to include my program on any kind of

compilation CD or use it in any way where you will be receiving money, email me for permission.


Update - 16-SEP-2004 - Version 0.5 released! Changes include

- Added chord playback! The chord can be played altogether or you can click the

arpeggiate checkbox to hear the chord tones one at a time. This is only the beginning for

sound playback.


Update - 14-SEP-2004 - Version 0.3.2 released. Changes include

- Added code to properly display enharmonic notes. This won't work correctly

for every scale (like scales expecting Cb/Fb or B#/E#).


Update - 12-SEP-2004 - Version 0.3.2 released. Changes include

- Added scale mode descriptions written by Mac+ of fame.


Update - 18-AUG-2004 - Version 0.3.1 released. Changes include

- Made GUI more efficient so it takes up less space.


Update - 17-AUG-2004 - Version 0.3 released. Changes include

- Chord display has been added! See screenshot above.

- Cleaned up / simplified code. This should speed up future releases.


Update - 7/31/2004 - Version 0.2 released. Changes include

- Displayed scales are now selectable for copy/paste operations.

- Scales now show a full octave (suggested by Mac+).

- Starting scale is displayed automatically at startup.

- Cleaned up some of the menus.

- Added custom program icon thanks to Wrong Robot!

- Window now cannot be closed.

- Window centered at start.


To dos:

- Add ability to play progressions.

- Add display of scales & chords as sheet music in both bass & treble clef.

- More to come! If anyone has suggestions, please put them in the guestbook. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here is the link to the program file.

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